The Self Centre Yoga 

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Styles of Yoga 

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Fluidity of movements (sun salutations) meant to create heat and get you focused on your breath.  Standing, seated and laying down poses.  We always end with relaxation! This style of yoga is more vigorous and will increase your heart rate while being delicately balanced with a full deep relaxation at the end.

On-going class.  No registration required.

Slow Flow Yoga

Vinyasa Flow yoga only with a focus on meditation,& pranayama (breath). This class will have movement balanced out with finding stillness within the poses.

On-going class.  No registration required.

Prenatal Yoga

Come and enjoy a prenatal class that will help your changing body with the demands of pregnancy, and the transition into motherhood.  

Not only does this class focus on the body,breath and awareness but it is also place to share your experience in a community of other pregnant woman