The Self Centre Yoga 

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Welcome to my bio page! 

My fascination with the human body, mind and their connection started at a very young age.  I can remember asking my father if it was possible to think of nothing.  Throughout my childhood beginning at age 3, I was involved in dance, taking me across North America to study and compete.  

I began exploring Ashtanga yoga in 2001 when my mom brought me to my first class. I was hooked. I practiced regularly until 2007, when I quit my corporate job and enrolled at Wilfred Laurier University to obtain my Yoga Teacher Training certification.  

The Self Centre opened in 2007 and I began teaching at various studios, corporate settings and schools.  

I continue to see first hand the benefits and gifts that yoga and meditation have given my students and myself. 

Outside of yoga and meditation I love living on a farm with my husband and 4 children.  I love learning about food, cooking food, growing food and supporting local growers of food.  I enjoy creating, sewing, painting, biking, walking and camping.

Yoga creates strength and flexibility of body and of mind in my everyday life.  

I am grateful for my practice and my ability to share its divinity.